Five Things That Make Up A Thriving And Successful City

Five Things That Make Up A Thriving And Successful City
Five Things That Make Up A Thriving And Successful City
August 30, 2017 admin
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What makes up a thriving and successful city? Yes, having sports teams, great shopping and a thriving economy all help. But a truly thriving city goes a little deeper than that. After considering research some research, we came up with the a list of the five most desirable qualities of good cities.

Collision density
First up: collision density. This fancy concept means that specialists in different industries can cross paths and make something great happen. When businesses in education, healthcare, tech, and entrepreneurship come together or have more opportunities to work together, ideas thrive! This is a crucial reason to attract companies in the tech and healthcare industries here in Roseville… and connect the Bay Area and Sacramento region as a megaregion.

Quality of life
For residents, quality of life tops the list of characteristics of a great city. Items such as affordability, housing, commute time, and walk score are all considered when valuing quality of life. Livability explored Roseville’s qualities, noting its affordability, 26-minute average commute time and decent walk score.

Everyone wants to connect on some level right? Whether it’s through technology or with one another, understanding how a city connects with its residents makes a big difference. From public transportation to a sense of pride, what does the city have to offer? Some elements of a strong sense of community to consider are a Downtown District, concert venues, farmers’ markets, and transit systems… based on this it’s easy to see why Downtown Roseville is in a thriving period of revitalization!

Higher education is one sign of a thriving and successful city because it’s an investment into the region. Institutions such as William Jessup University, Sierra College, Brandman University, and most recently, the University of Warwick, all have roots in Roseville… these institutions bring people into the region for school who will likely stay in the area and contribute to the economy.

Attraction to corporations
Lastly, the corporate attraction is a big part of what makes a city successful… how do companies that want to open new branches or offices perceive the region? Corporations will look at Metro Statistical Areas to determine the work force, land availability and affordability, which all say a lot about future growth opportunities.