Roseville Company Feature: Apex

Roseville Company Feature: Apex
Roseville Company Feature: Apex
October 13, 2017 admin

Apex is a nationwide real estate appraisal management company that operates out of Northern California, who is proud to call Roseville home. With more than 60 years of experience, Apex is an industry leader known for its accurate and prompt appraisal process. Read further as we interview COO, Gabriel Hern, to understand what makes Apex one of the region’s most successful and desirable companies.

We’ll start with something simple! Can you tell us a bit about Apex?
We are an appraisal management company. Our company was started by Tim Hamilton who was an appraiser himself. Tim has grown this small business to a fairly large one in such a short amount of time. We pride ourselves on our customer service and the thought and care we put into each individual order.

How would you describe the environment and company culture?
We are very much a family environment here at Apex. Everyone here works hard at their job and holds each other accountable, but at the end of the day, we all have a lot of love for one another.

We heard that Apex has grown by 50% recently (Wow!). Can you pinpoint what is driving your success?
I would have to say our customer service is what has helped us grow so rapidly. We have a two ring phone policy so we are constantly talking with our clients and seeing where we can improve.

You’re moving to a bigger office here in Roseville, tell us a little bit about your space and what’s got you excited about the move.
We have just moved to a new office and it is big and beautiful! We have grown so much, it was time for a bigger space. Everyone here is excited to have some more space and also proud that our business is growing so much.

What do you believe is special about Roseville to both you and the company?
Roseville is home. The majority of our employees live here in Roseville with their families. Small town feel with everything close by, we all take care of each other. What’s not to love about Roseville?