Vernon Street Thriving as New Business Open in Downtown

Vernon Street Thriving as New Business Open in Downtown
Vernon Street Thriving as New Business Open in Downtown
September 16, 2018 admin
Vernon Street Archway Sign

Every thriving city needs a strong downtown district, and for Roseville that’s Vernon Street. It’s often said that a downtown core is the “heart” of the city, pumping with businesses, food, people, and shopping. The best areas feature community events, historic elements, popular restaurants and nightlife, unique retail opportunities, and walkability…all of which are found on our very own Vernon Street.

We are very excited to see it growing! New businesses are opening in the district on a regular basis…many unique opportunities for shopping, entertainment, music, and food that will create even more reason to head downtown and visit.

Read on for some information on a few of the most recent additions to our downtown Roseville district.

Bounty Hunter’s Cafe: Located at 406 Vernon Street (inside the old Dainty Pastry), Bounty Hunter offers a cool, comfortable, relaxing atmosphere, and customers have been RAVING about their miniature donuts. They also specialize in gourmet coffee, pastries, breakfast burritos, and smoothies – YUM!

School of Rock: Music lessons in a group band setting is what these guys are all about. Located at 228 Vernon Street (on the second floor right next to Ninja Sushi), they’ve got something for music lovers of all ages. You may have even seen them perform at a few local events here in town…so much talent in our community!

Goose Port Public House: Opening soon, this family-friendly restaurant featuring “elevated pub food” will also be big on craft beers and sports. Stop in and watch a game, have something to eat, and enjoy yourself in the heart of Vernon Street.

Hi-Tones Record Store: Yes, it’s true…we have a record store! Located at 244 Vernon Street, Hi-Tones Records sells new & used vinyl records, cassette tapes, CDs & alternative rock t-shirts. Be sure to stop in and check out all their amazing vintage rock favorites, throwback decor, and great music.

Master Jewelers: These experts are located at 239 Vernon Street and they do just about everything when it comes to jewelry. From jewelry repairs and restoration to custom designs and vintage rings, plus wedding and bridal…the list goes on and on.

And a few updates from some of your favorites!

Dasche of Panache: Your favorite tea parlor just got even better with their new Mimosa bar. Now serving delicious ice cold beer, wines from Napa county, and their very own frozen Mango Mimosa…Dash after Dark is open Friday and Saturday nights till 9pm.

Nela’s Mexican Restaurant: If you haven’t seen it yet, everyone’s favorite Mexican restaurant has just been remodeled and is better than ever! Still located at 242 Vernon Street, they now have a stylish, yet still cozy and quaint new interior. Be sure to try their made fresh daily salsa and chili rellenos!