Local & State Incentives

Local Incentives

The Economic Development staff and the leadership of Roseville have put together a vibrant plan for businesses to relocate or expand to Roseville.

One of the most exciting programs that exists is the Downtown Specific Plan. This is a 20-year comprehensive plan to revitalize Roseville’s downtown area with new retail, restaurants, residential housing and tons of office space. The Plan has streamlined the regulatory processes, provides economic incentives and targeted assistance to companies that will relocate to, expand to or open in Roseville’s growing downtown area.

Recently, one of our largest office employers relocated to the downtown area from the outskirts of town. We are very proud that the development thus far in our downtown area has been vibrant enough to draw such a great employer and hundreds of employees, right into the heart of town.

The city leadership and redevelopment staff work closely with the local Merchants Associations. Together, these three groups work to find educational speakers to help us learn to run our businesses more effectively, and address parking concerns and any other issues that concern merchants in their Roseville locations.

We have implemented a powerful marketing and advertising program. We use the collective power of the Economic Development Council, the local businesses and local government to advertise and market Roseville and specific businesses. This allows all parties to share the expense and broadened the reach of the marketing efforts.

The City of Roseville provides free Electric Audits that can assist your business to reduce electrical costs. The audit analyzes usage quantities and times to help you to reduce your overall power expenses. As one of the largest expenses any business can incur, reducing your power expense can go a long way to increasing your bottom line. Audits are provided at two different levels, small and medium to large. The Roseville Electric department also provides advice and guidance on energy efficient new construction. In recognition of the importance of starting off right, the Electric Department will help you build for efficiency from day one.

There are dozens of rebates available for everything from energy efficient HVAC systems to water efficient landscaping. At Advantage Roseville, we will help you find every single rebate that can be applied to your relocation or expansion in Roseville.

State Incentives

The City of Roseville sits in the midst of a Foreign Trade Zone. Foreign Trade Zones are a powerful tool for businesses to reduce coasts and open the borders to their goods and services. The FTZ is a complex and hard to understand tool. At Advantage Roseville, we can help you to understand this business opportunity and look at how it can hep your business.

Recycling has been combined with economic development to power expansion, new business and relocation. The Recycling Market Development Zone provides attractive loans, technical assistance and free product marketing to help your business thrive. There are local government incentives that may be applied, relaxed building codes, streamlined permits, reduced taxes and licensing fees and consistent support for your business.

The Statewide Communities Infrastructure Program (SCIP) is a program designed to assist business with the development fees of construction. The property owner can defer payment, then pay back the fees over 30 years, including interest. The program is available on commercial, industrial and residential construction.

Fees for development are typically due at the time of issuance, which can be months or years before occupancy and long before the location becomes profitable. In recognition of this, we are able to offer you the Commercial Fee Deferral Program. Certain portions of Roseville are designated for this benefit. Please contact us to see if we can help you to take advantage of this excellent development savings.

Another way to help with fees is through our Fee Financing Program, which helps you to pay the fees of development and relocation. The program allows you to spread the payment over time with very low interest.  Not having to pay all the fees up front can reduce the initial expense of relocation or expansion significantly, allowing you to invest your capital in the equipment and personnel you need to be successful.